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You can also abuse the term Basic Income for personal gain by #LIG #EMS #ELF #destini


UPDATE 2014:  After this publication, and the death of Bernard Poolman [20]  the movement has taken an other road for the Destiny Clan [18]. The use of the term basic income was abolished. Instead, it is now called Living Income Guaranteed (LIG). They renamed their website from basicincome.me to livinincome.me [19]. Of course, that also attracts people who are looking at everything about basic income. But beware, you are drawn into the clan on false pretenses.

The original article:

Here, allow me to comment on an annoyance that I got as a webmaster while surfing the net and in social media. Actually I want to have absolutely nothing to do with people who are not good for me, I think you should leave them out of your life, but somehow this fails when they make continuous abuse of terms that have general meaning and are suddenly replaced by something else.

It is the normal way of doing business for the Equal Money System, such as the Equal Money System / EMS – Equal Life Foundation / ELF. The only thing that EMS / ELF does is create confusion and fill the world with disinformation. It bothers me how the Equal Life Foundation is taking over all sorts of commonly use terms and replace them by other meanings, to promote it own system. Verder lezen